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7 Benefits of a Room Addition for Your Home

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Everywhere you look, you feel that you are staring at clutter.

In the office, your kid’s toys are lying around. In the kitchen, you have piles of paperwork. In the living room, your workout weights have found a home.

Sound like you?

Well, it shouldn’t be that way. You should have each room be its own, just the way you want it!

That’s where a room addition can come in handy for your home. Whether you need more space, want more designated spaces, or just want a home extension to add some value to the price of the house, there is no downside to adding a room! 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a room addition. 

1. You Are Creating a Specialized Space

When you move into a home, you likely are moving into a place that already has a floor plan for what each room is designed for.

For instance, it has a kitchen, an office, bathrooms, living spaces, and bedrooms.

But what if you want a gym? What if you want a second office space? Or maybe, you want a scrapbooking room or sewing room for your hobby or small business.

When you add a room to your house, you can create the room and layout with specialized reasoning in mind.

For an office, you could build a built-in shelf wall with a desk built into that. For the gym, you could design it specifically with a mirror so that you can make sure you have the right form.

2. Add More Storage Space

Adding a room to your home will also give you more storage space – even if that is not really what it is meant for.

If you notice that you have a lot of stuff that has no “home,” you may want to add a room to give it that home. You could store extra supplies like winter clothes, musical equipment, your children’s sports equipment, and the like in the room.

The room becomes the space to put all the stuff you don’t know what to do with, and you could even add shelving and cabinetry to keep it organized.

However, the room could also have another purpose. That purpose would be up to you, depending on what you would use it for other than storage!

3. Added Value to Your Home

Whether or not you are thinking about selling your home at the moment, putting in time and effort into your house is not going to hurt the home value. It will only help it.

Why not add a room onto the home now so you can enjoy it and then also get the benefits when you decide to sell?

Not only will it increase the value of your home if you want to sell, but it may also boost your home equity.

4. Modify an Existing Space

Even if you are not actually adding on a room, you can modify a space to create an extra room.

For instance, you may have a back patio that never gets used because it’s always hot outside. To get rid of that problem, you can add a wall to the other part of the patio and windows. You now have a sunroom that you can use for eating, entertaining, and so much more.

Or, maybe you don’t use your garage for cars or storage. If you want a better use for it, you could do a garage renovation and conversion to make it something completely different that you will use.

This once unused spot becomes one of the best new room additions to the house! 

5. Extra Bedroom

Whether you are planning to have more children and need another room or want your parents to visit more often, adding an extra bedroom is a great use of a home extension.

There will always be a use for this room (and the added bedroom will help with the home value when you sell!).

6. Earn Extra Income

If you want to add a side hustle to your resume, why not earn some income with a home extension? You can either attach this to your existing house and have a separate entrance for a one-room addition to rent out, or you could add an accessory dwelling unit off to the side that is not attached.

Either way, this will give you extra income.

7. Keep You From the Hassle of Moving

If you want to upgrade your home to have a few more rooms, but don’t want to move, then room additions are the way to go.

Maybe you need another bedroom. Maybe you now work from home and have to have a home office. 

Whatever the reason may be for a home upgrade, adding a room can keep you from going through the hassle of moving but still give you what you need and want.

Benefits of a Room Addition 

If you’ve been thinking about a room addition to your home for quite some time now and haven’t gotten around to it, this is your sign.

There is no better time to add a room than now! Whether you need more storage space, want to make an unusable space usable, or just want another room in the house for a specialized reason, a room addition is a perfect solution.

At LRL Builders, we make sure to stick to a budget and a timeframe. We will give you a new room in no time – and without breaking the bank. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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