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8 Effective Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen

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It’s time for a kitchen-sink approach! 55% of homeowners renovated at least one part of their home during 2021. 

This statistic may make remodeling a kitchen sound like a cinch. But if you want a beautiful kitchen done right, you need to understand a few kitchen design tips. 

What should you do before you call a remodeling professional? How can you renovate your kitchen effectively? How can you minimize the disruption of your remodel?

Answer these questions and you can have your perfect kitchen remodel in no time. Here are eight essential kitchen remodeling tips. 

1. Gather Ideas for Remodeling a Kitchen

You may have an idea in mind for your Bay Area kitchen remodel. Even if you have a good idea, you should sketch it out and write a plan for it so you know what to do. 

Be as specific as possible with your plan. Identify the materials you want in the new kitchen, and figure out where everything is going to go. You should consider whether your design will fit within your existing floor plan. 

If you need inspiration, browse Pinterest boards and visit showrooms in your area. Take photographs of things you like and jot down notes on what you don’t want. 

2. Think About Small Touches

When people think of renovating a kitchen, they often think of a top-to-bottom revamp. In reality, a few small touches can make your kitchen more accessible, valuable, and environmentally friendly. Making a few small touches can also be less disruptive and more affordable, though you should get cost and time estimates from the employees you hire.

If you have cabinets in your kitchen, you should consider refreshing them instead of replacing them. Refacing your cabinets adds a new veneer to them and swaps out your doors. You can also add new hardware, switching your knobs for handles that are easier to grab. 

New windows can help you save on your energy bills. Try to find double-pane windows with argon gas in between the two panes of glass. The gas makes it harder for heat to pass through the windows, keeping your home warm.

3. Calculate a Budget

A budget can help you keep your expenses down and decide what materials you want in your kitchen. Take a look at remodels similar to yours and see how much the homeowners spent on their new features. 

Account for each and every expense. Hardwood floors can cost more than $12 a square foot, so installing a new floor can add up quickly. Look at alternatives and see if you can find ways to save a little money.

You should plan to spend around $20,000 for a medium-sized kitchen remodel. However, you should accommodate some money for unexpected developments, like out-of-date wiring. Whatever the cost you estimate for your remodel, you should set aside at least 20% of the budget for these developments. 

You also have other expenses to consider. You are not going to cook in your kitchen, so you will need to factor in the cost of eating out.

4. Create a Timeline 

A timeline will let help you anticipate how much time the kitchen remodel will take. Break down how long it will take for each step of the process, including the planning stage. 

A kitchen remodel always disrupts the homeowner’s life in some way. Try to find a time when the remodel will affect you as little as possible. If you have a week off from work, you can schedule it for then so you can pay full attention to it. 

Many people remodel their kitchens in the spring after relying on them heavily during the winter. Try to schedule your remodel for the fall or winter instead.

5. Complete a Few DIY Projects

Completing a few small projects can help you save money and time. You can fix your dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator by yourself instead of buying new ones. 

You can also install new tiles on your floor. Tiling should take place after you’ve had renovations to your kitchen. If you’re not familiar with DIY, you can ask a remodeling employee to do this for you.

6. Pay Attention to Your Lighting

You want to create three layers of light to make your kitchen easier to use and more inviting. Ambient lights let you see the entire kitchen space, and you can use one big fixture like a chandelier or several small lights to achieve this. 

Task lights enhance certain areas like countertops and stoves. Pendant lights and track lights can work well as task fixtures. 

Accent lights are more decorative, and they can highlight features like works of art and floral arrangements. You can use spotlights, lamps, and under-counter lights for accent purposes.

7. Upgrade Your Plumbing

Many people forget about plumbing during the kitchen remodel process. Installing new pipes can help you avoid leaks, low water pressure, and hard water. 

Talk to a plumber and ask them to inspect your system before the remodeling crew arrives. After the remodeling is done, they should inspect your system again to make sure everything is okay. 

If you’re installing a new gas-powered appliance, you may need an additional gas line and a shut-off valve. Don’t use your appliance until you get these features added.

8. Prepare a Space for Remodeling Employees

Before your crew from LRL Builders arrives, you should create space for them. Clean up your kitchen and set aside a room for the employees to lay out their tools and leave their personal items. 

Create a path for the employees to come into your house without getting the floor or other rooms dirty. You can put pads or mats on the floor to protect the ground. 

You can use your house while the employees are inside. To prepare meals, create a temporary kitchen with a mini-fridge and pantry to store your food. 

Start Remodeling a Kitchen Today

Remodeling a kitchen requires your due diligence. Start thinking of some remodeling ideas and try to break things down into small projects you and your team can perform. Calculate a budget and timeline so you have a rough understanding of the money and time you need. 

You can start with a few DIY projects, especially with your lighting. But you will need help to fix your plumbing, install new appliances, and replace your floors. Set aside a space for your staff.

Start talking to experienced remodeling professionals now. LRL Builders serves Bay Area residents. Contact us today.

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