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How Often Should You Remodel a Bathroom?

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Are your bathroom fixtures starting to break down from years of wear and tear?

That’s a clear sign that it’s time for a new round of repairs or something more. When you step back and factor in another toilet repair or faucet leak, the charges really start to add up.

Bathroom remodeling goes even further in preventing service call after service call to the plumber. Even better, you get to finally bring your dream bathroom to life.

Replacing outdated or broken fixtures is just one reason to remodel a bathroom, but how often should you invest in one? Discover even more reasons to invest in a new bathroom remodel.

Are You Selling Your Home?

Did you recently purchase your first home?

It’s never too early to start thinking about the possibility of selling your home or investing in a second house. One of the most popular reasons why people remodel their bathrooms is because they’re planning to sell their homes eventually.

A house is also an investment, and upgrades go a long way in achieving high asking prices. You also have a freshly renovated bathroom for real estate listing photos.

Kitchen and bathroom remodel jobs are the top remodeling services among homeowners. They’re also the most requested upgrades among homebuyers, as well.

Talk to a contractor about your ideas, especially if you’re thinking about expanding your bathroom’s size. The sooner, the better! A contractor can draw up blueprints and models, but you’ll need plenty of time to get your input together, including fixtures, flooring, and wall colors.

Expand Your Second Bathroom

Is your second bathroom a half-bathroom without a bathtub, shower, or windows?

You can always expand your second bathroom to include those fixtures and more. This is a great idea if you’re planning to grow your family, create a guest bedroom, or sell your home in the future. A home listing with two bathrooms may command more attention than a house with one and a half bathrooms.

Building out a window in your half-bathroom is good for ventilation, too. This upgrade helps prevent moisture buildup and mold. If you plan to install a shower or tub, you’ll need a window, as well.

You don’t need a tremendous amount of space to include a shower stall or tub. Talk to your contractor about bathroom fixtures for small spaces, like alcove bathtubs, shower-tub combos, and walk-in tubs.

Senior Upgrades

Are you planning to move your aging parents into your home?

Do you want a more senior-friendly bathroom for yourself?

Bathroom remodeling can make a world of difference here.

For starters, you drastically decrease the risk of slips and falls with senior showers. These shower fixtures include seating, railings, textured flooring, mats, and large handles. You can also add safety upgrades to shower-tub combos.

Your next challenge is size. If you (or your loved one) live in a small apartment, you may not have room for a large walk-in shower. Instead, you can install corner seating and railings in a small shower stall.

You could also try a more open bathroom plan with a long curtain and corner railing. There are freestanding senior shower benches you can reposition. There’s also more room for larger senior shower attachments.

These types of senior bathrooms are ideal for wheelchair-bound individuals and caretakers. You don’t have to worry about curbs and there’s plenty of room to maneuver.

Shower curtains are one way to enclose a curbless shower. You could also try sleek, modern sliding glass doors.

You can also purchase toilets designed for seniors. These toilets are taller than their regular counterparts. It’s easier for seniors (and anyone with joint pain) to use taller toilets; there’s less bending and strain.

Railings are installed on either side of the toilet to prevent slipping and falling. Contactors also install taller sinks to prevent seniors from bending over too much.

Remodel a Bathroom for Your Kids

Are you adding a new addition to the family?

Now is a great time to plan out your child’s first bathroom!

Start brainstorming your ideas with a contractor. You’ll need enough space to create a small bathroom within your child’s bedroom.

If there’s already a bathroom attached, great!

You just need to remodel the sink, tub, toilet, and other fixtures to be more kid-friendly.

Remodeling your child’s bathroom allows you to be a kid again. Go wild with creative ideas for wall art, colors, flooring, rugs, cabinetry, and more.

You’ll need size-appropriate counters, toilets, and fixtures. Kids grow up fast, too! Think about your child’s bathroom needs within the coming years.

Talk to your contractor about installing steps for counters. You can remove the steps as your child outgrows them.

Alcove tub-shower combos are perfect for small children’s bathrooms. Plus, your kid can change up the shower curtains with their favorite movie characters, colors, and designs.

As your child enters middle school age, there’s a good chance they’ll want something a little more sophisticated. You may want to consider a modern open-layout bathroom with a stand-alone tub and curtain. You could also replace the alcove tub with a seated shower stall instead.

Installing a New Bathroom in Your Home

Do you want to add a new bathroom to your home or convert an empty guestroom into a bathroom?

This isn’t a task you want to undertake alone.

You need new flooring, tiling, plumbing, and wall treatment, in addition to bathroom fixtures. Talk to a contractor about your vision for the space; they’ll provide recommendations, timetables, and job quotes.

A spare room is an excellent opportunity to finally build your dream bathroom. You could also talk to your contractor about building one in your bedroom.

Do sunny bathrooms uplift your mood?

If you want a bright, sunny bathroom, you could choose the sunniest spot in your home. You’ll need new windows to help sunlight flood into the space. A contractor can help with any logistics or challenges with your new bathroom location, as well.

Bathroom Remodeling Just Got Easier

Stress-free bathroom remodels start with a plan. Refer to this guide as you dream up ideas for your new bathroom. You can always consult with LRL Builders from the start to create your ideal bathroom.

Are you ready to remodel a bathroom in your home?

Contact us today to get a quote, and we’ll handle the rest!

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