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Garage conversion in Walnut Creek

Converting your garage opens your house up to exciting new potential. Our team in Walnut Creek has helped homeowners near you to transform their garages into home offices, bedrooms, entertainment spaces, studios, living room extensions, and beyond – the possibilities are endless.

Garage conversion process involves a lot of moving parts across different stages – we can help with planning and design, getting the necessary permits, and building the actual project. Whatever your ideas, our Walnut Creek renovation experts can work with you to transform your garage into the space you’re dreaming of.

Why choose a local Walnut Creek garage conversion company?

There’s no doubt that converting your garage is a big project – which means it’s vital to get everything right from the very start. Our team is based in Walnut Creek, which means we’re right around the corner from your project, on hand to make sure your garage renovation goes smoothly. 

Our Walnut Creek will become part of your team – we’re right around the corner and ready to work with you to plan, design, obtain permits, and create your garage conversion. 

Being in your neighbourhood makes it easy for us to be accessible – expect fast responses, clear communication, and a willingness to help. We’re here to answer questions and solve challenges that might come up throughout the process.

Because we’re based here in Walnut Creek, we can offer more than other garage conversion companies:

  • Shorter commuting times: Our team lives near your neighbourhood, which means we can get to your home quickly – and that makes it easier for us to get your garage conversion done.
  • Efficiency: Garage conversion requires a lot of planning, coordinating, and alignment. We’ll need to work closely with you, and being close to you makes it easier for us to get the job done quickly.
  • More competitive pricing: Being close to you is great for our operations, too – which means you’ll find that we offer more competitive pricing at a high quality service. 

Our Walnut Creek garage conversion services

Our team can help redesign and convert your Walnut Creek garage into the room you want it to be. As well as helping with planning, design, and offering advice on compatibility, we can help obtain the permits that are needed and complete the renovation:

  • Windows and doors: Add windows and doors to let in light and make the room more useable.
  • Replacing door: Replace existing garage doors with insulated walls, to turn it into a complete room.
  • Insulating walls and ceiling: Add high quality, industry certified insulation to make the room more comfortable.
  • Extending space: We can open up space between your house and garage to create an extended room.
  • Upgrading electrics: Plan and wire the new layout

Real remodelling stories of Walnut Creek garage conversions

Dreaming of all the ways you can transform your garage? Let us make your conversion plans into a reality! Explore reviews from some of our Walnut Creek garage conversion projects to find out how we’ve helped.

We had been putting off a our remodel for years, the whole process seemed intimidating. We received 4 different bids and ended up going with Raz. He and his team are efficient, hard working, trustworthy, and finished the project on time and within budget. I cannot recommend Raz and his team enough, they are simply the best!
We hired LRL to remodel our master and guest bathrooms. I got 4 different quotes and decided to go with LRL for multiple reasons. From start to finish of the project, everything went very smoothly. I know a lot can go wrong when hiring contractors so I feel so lucky to have found LRL!

Get started

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