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The Most Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends of 2023

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A study in 2022 showed that bathroom renovations had jumped by 13% in median spending. Some projects cost as much as $35,000 for some homeowners.

There are many bathroom design trends you may want to follow this year. If you are updating your bathroom, this is a great way to find inspiration.

It is also vital to follow bathroom trends if you plan on re-selling. Home buyers are often looking for homes that are more modern and up-to-date.

Keep reading to find out what bathroom design trends you should be following. 

Walk-In Showers: Why Not?

A bathroom remodel is a large project with a reasonable investment return. After all, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home.

To do a bathroom renovation, you need to find a reliable company. LRL Builders provides all kinds of bathroom updates to elevate your home.

One of the many trends for 2023 is walk-in showers. This type of shower has been trendy for quite a few years.

Most people view walk-in showers as classy and sophisticated. For 2023, homeowners are leaning toward more sophisticated walk-in showers.

These are very luxurious and provide a hotel-like feel that elevates the space. This includes showers with seats or multiple shower heads.

Tile work is also widespread in walk-in showers and creates another luxurious touch.

Create More Space

It is no secret that the majority of bathrooms are pretty small. This can make bathroom interior design difficult since there is less room to work with.

One of these bathroom design trends includes a more spacious bathroom. Homeowners are renovating their bathrooms to create more of a spa environment.

One of the main ways homeowners are doing this is by removing bathtubs. A beautiful clawfoot bathtub is only ever going to elevate a bathroom.

But the majority of bathrooms have boring, clunky bathtub designs. These do not add anything to your bathroom regarding design and taste.

Removing these kinds of bathtubs frees up a large portion of space. You can create an oversized walk-in shower or leave some negative space for designing.

Depending on your home, you could knock down a wall to extend the bathroom.

Channel Some Spa Vibes

Bathroom decor has a lot to do with how the space feels. A lot of people prefer to have a bathroom that is soothing and minimal.

A trend for 2023 is to create a spa-like bathroom. This is often focused on wellness with soothing colors and design elements.

Some people are adding seating areas to their bathrooms or dimmable lights. You can also incorporate cool colors like blues and greens to bring in that spa touch.

You can enhance these vibes by adding a zen garden or succulents throughout the bathroom. These bathrooms also focus on functional items like towels and robes.

Beautiful Wood Vanities

A lot of bathroom designs have come and gone throughout the years. One unique design that is becoming popular is wood vanities.

For the last several years, trends have focused more on minimal colors. But people have grown tired of the white and gray bathroom color schemes that add little character.

Wooden vanities are more desirable right now as they add warmth and character. You can still have a white bathroom without it feeling cold and uninviting.

This also opens the door for incorporating more wooden elements into your decor.

Why You Need a Backlit Mirror

A lot of homeowners are leaning towards more sophisticated bathroom updates. An example of this is the current trend of having backlit mirrors.

Most bathrooms have one primary mirror above the bathroom sink. This is often the main statement feature that allows you to get creative.

Backlit mirrors have built-in lighting behind the mirror itself. The mirror is backlit when the lights are turned on, creating a more precise reflection.

This serves a functional purpose as well as a design purpose for the space. Backlit mirrors look especially good when they are unusually shaped.

Choose Natural Colors

For the past several years, minimal home designs have been dominating. But people are gravitating towards color again, adding more character to their homes.

This is making its way into the bathroom, including more natural colors. Some ways to do this include using earthy tones like beige, brown, and gray.

Natural colors also provide more options when it comes to decor. You can choose decorations made from natural materials to bring in more natural vibes.

For instance, you could add bamboo or wood elements to the space. You can also add touches of eucalyptus or smooth stones for a spa-like experience.

Be Bold With Geometric Tile Work

Certain features in bathrooms are always trending. An example is the forever-trend of including tiles of all shapes, sizes, and colors in the bathroom.

Tile is a very traditional feature for bathrooms that is also functional. It is easy to care for and comes in various styles for the floor, walls, and shower.

However, more unique tile options are trending in 2023. For instance, homeowners are gravitating toward geometric-style tile work for a bespoke feel.

Tile also comes in various colors, allowing you to mix things up and get creative. This is a great way to add a statement feature to your bathroom that is not just a piece of decor.

Easy-Care Glass Showers

We already discussed how walk-in showers are more popular than ever. But another feature of this is the desirable feature of glass showers.

Walk-in showers come in an enormous range of styles and materials. The main option that is trending right now is an all-glass walk-in shower.

These showers are sophisticated and add a modern touch to any bathroom. This also creates the illusion that there is more space than there really is.

That is why it is the perfect option for bathrooms on the smaller side. You can also use a glass shower to update a bathroom that is on the older side.

Matching Monochrome 

You have a lot of color options when it comes to renovating a bathroom. A lot of people lean towards lighter colors that create a seaside or spa feel.

But another trend coming in 2023 is having a monochrome bathroom. Some of the most popular examples of this include all-black bathrooms.

If this is a little too intense for you, you can go monte chrome in any direction. Depending on your style, you could have an all-white bathroom or an all-pink bathroom.

This is an excellent option if you want a more cohesive space. It also eliminates some design issues you may struggle with when combining colors.

A monochrome bathroom looks sophisticated and hides a variety of design flaws.

Industrial Vibes

More sophisticated bathrooms have a more professional look to them. A lot of people are gravitating toward the industrial style of bathrooms in 2023.

This is a style that focuses on metal features and pipe work. There is a lot of hardware, and these pieces replace decor elements.

Most of these bathrooms have a black-and-white color palette or something similar. They may also include some natural elements, like wood vanity and shelves.

Go for Artsy Bathroom Design

Many people are getting more creative with how they design their homes. The bathroom is a great place to do this since it is only a small space.

One style people are embracing is the more artsy bathroom design. This is where the bathroom becomes a statement feature with creative details.

You may add wallpaper or paint to the bathroom a moody color. You may have a statement sink or an antique mirror.

Artsy bathrooms usually have unique tile work and more prominent features like a clawfoot bathtub. Small decor elements include wall sconces, hanging plants, and stools.

Keep in mind that this trend does not have any rules attached. You can create a space that is purely your own and reflects your style.

Bathroom Design Trends to Follow This Year

If you are renovating your home, you are probably interested in discovering more about the latest bathroom design trends. These are trends that provide a great deal of inspiration when renovating a bathroom.

Some trends include walk-in showers and wooden elements like wood vanities. Other trends include backlit mirrors and more natural colors instead of plain white.

Do not forget about geometric tiles and creating a more spacious bathroom.

Are you interested in upgrading your bathroom this year? Contact us today at LRL Builders to get a free estimate for your renovation project.

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